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When is creative too creative?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

As a creative, I usually want to say “more is better.” But as a businessman, I know I must serve my clients needs first. Often we designers think of clever ways to hide menus, re-name sections in a way that makes it hard to understand what content the page will contain, or add a variety of cool little things that can sometimes engage, and sometimes distract.  We always hear, ‘think outside the box.’ and we love that, but that box may have a solid reason for existing.

Designing for the box

Most websites have a lot of the same pieces, sections and blocks. In fact, in order for a site to work responsively on multiple platforms, adhere to good SEO and not confuse the end user, it needs to have some common rules. When I was first faced with this issue of designing ‘inside’ the box”, I realized; TVs are pretty much the same size ratio, billboards are pretty much all the same size and so are magazines… I think you see the point, I mean the literal box. Creative thinking should be more a function of the content, And Content first should be what we all strive for…but that’s usually the last thing delivered.

Focus on The User

So yes, focus on the user. The user, for the most part has used the internet before and is most likely here to learn about you and wants to know specific things about you. So, providing the user with clear navigation that is easy to find, contact information that is clear and easy to access. And content organized in a manor that makes sense. Well, this is what is now expected. What is not always expected is clean, consistent typography, images and graphics that set the proper tone for the content and consistent with your brand.

So, while JinxUOme is all about creativity, we are also all about making your site a fully optimized experience for your users.

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