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Is a website still needed?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

That's a pretty good question for a web design company to ask.

In this age of social media, mobile apps and on-demand content, the web site can seem like a bit of a dinosaur. But it doesnt have to be that way. Lets first look at what a website really does for you:


Having a website with a recognizable, related URL is the modern-day equivalent of having a physical store/business/product. It only takes a few minutes to set up an Etsy shop, or RedBubble or Facebook page. But stetting up a Website takes considerably more time, work and cost. This says to your user, "Yeah, we are real!" You have gone through the hassle of getting a name, developing a brand, writing the content that states clearly what you are about and why. This lets your users know that you are more than just a shiny advertisement on Instagram.

Expanded Content

Stories are compelling. This is you place to expand your brand message from an elevator pitch to a full history of the how and why that makes you/your company/brand what it is. This is the beginning of creating a community, (nobody wants to be associated with something they really dont know much about, and you can only get so much from a Twitter stream.)


A good site should bring it all together in one place. A "Central Hub" for your brand and outreach. Sometimes it's as simple as putting the Social media links on your site so that users know they are checking out the right company (there is probably more than one social media account out there with your name on it.) But sometimes you need even more, maybe your Instagram is your main product or marketing channel, make sure that feed is in your top menu and displays and functions inside of your will still be out they on the 'Gram, just now in more places where you can enhance your brand. Or you could turn your site's blog into a stream of it's own...publish a post on your blog and have it instantly feed to your FaceBook, Linked-In, Twitter, even pull the image for Instagram.


Every free/paid service out there has limitations, restrictions, and frustrations. Maybe your store app cant take sales outside of your country? Maybe you want to further curate your gallery... the list is long of things you might want/need. Having a website lets you do it your way, then point that social media back to your home to give your users/clients/followers/friends the real experience.

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